Unceded Territory of Algonquin PeoplesĀ 

We live and work in Ottawa, Ontario. Ottawa is built on unceded Algonquin Anishinabe territory. We humbly acknowledge this fact as well as the deep and lasting impact of Canada’s residential schools on its First Nations peoples.  We honour the gifts that this land has given us.  We support true reconciliation and collaboration with all of Canada’s First Nations people, and recognize our role in pursuing justice, healing and peace for all. 

Support for Gender Inclusive Pronouns

We declare our pronouns because we respect and celebrate being ourselves and being different.  We warmly encourage and support everyone to feel comfortable in their own skin, like we are.  We also like to avoid making assumptions or passing judgments on each other. We will do our best to offer a safe, accepting environment that encourages us all to see the beauty of, and indeed the necessity of, what it is to be unique, different and human. 

Anti-Racism, Diversity and Inclusion
Our Reality

We know that racism exists. We recognize the damaging and lasting effects of racism on the people in our community, particularly Black people, Indigenous people and peoples of Colour.  We also acknowledge that White supremacy exists, and that structural advantages of White privilege also exist. We accept that racism is the combination of systemic, generational prejudice, coupled with historical, structural, institutional power.  

Our Journey

These are facts. We acknowledge that regardless of our own race, culture or background, each of us is on our own anti-racism journey.  We understand that racism, including those biases that are unconscious or unintentional, must always be challenged.  We model this by choosing to be fearless about conversations about race, colour, cultural and religious ethnicity. These conversations require courage, respect, curiosity and compassion. We will encourage you to do the same.  

Our Commitment

We stand against all forms of racism and hatred. That is why we: are committed to learning and talking about anti-racism, diversity and inclusion; have adopted a race-conscious approach to delivering services, and implementing practices and policies; are always looking for ways to disrupt and dismantle systemic racism; and will continue to prioritize diversity, equity and inclusion in all that we do.