This service is a collaborative process designed to address a client’s issues using a strengths/solution-focused approach to help manage feelings, thoughts and behaviours, all in a safe, supportive manner.

Counselling can take the form of one-to-one, couples or group conversations.

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Educational Consulting

Educational consulting sessions can take the form of tutoring, planning, or advising. The goal is to provide a scaffold of support for learners and families to navigate challenges and experience successes.

In addition to providing remedial subject specific tutoring for Grades K to 12, sessions can help students increase organizational skills, responsibility, initiative, and self-regulation.

Families benefit from the opportunity to discuss problems with homework routines, remote learning or understanding grade-level expectations. Sessions can support the design or implementation of IEP (Individual Education Plans), determining if the student would benefit from psycho-educational assessment, and responding to teacher concerns.

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Facilitation Services

This is a hosted process that a group of people agree to follow to achieve a desired goal. This process can take several forms including coaching, mediation, mentoring, and consulting.

Desired goals can include decision-making, information gathering, learning, problem-solving, collaboration building and intervention.

Facilitation involves the roles of facilitator and producer working together. A facilitator manages the people, conversation and the tracking towards goal attainment. The producer manages the process, technology, time management and people’s skill levels towards goal attainment.

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