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An engaging 13-week online study series that will provide you with valuable tools to examine your relationship to life, self, the world, and society in order to become an effective leader.


  • As a leader, do you have the courage to turn the lens inward to examine what you bring to your daily interactions?
  • If leadership is about relationships, who are you in those interactions?
  • Are you willing to look inward to evaluate how you show up in the world?
  • How do you keep learning from your experiences, and trusting your own inner wisdom?
  • What role do you want to play in the change process in society, work, community and family?

Learning goals:

  • Enhancing self-awareness and cultivating personal growth as it relates to being a leader. 
  • Deepening and broadening your understanding of leadership and what it takes to be a leader. 
  • Integrating a comprehensive understanding of leadership into your life and work. 
  • Deeply reflect on how you can be effectively involved in change

Who should attend?

  • Experienced leaders looking for a revitalizing take on leadership
  • Young professionals
  • Emerging leaders
  • Anyone interested in exploring facilitative leadership
  • Anyone who is in deep reflection about their role in society or on this planet
  • Anyone interested in or involved with social and community change and engagement initiatives 

What this study is not:

A workshop of tips and techniques on how to be a better manager
A crash course in leadership skills

What would be required of you?

  • Dedicated time to read one chapter of “The Courage to Lead” book per week
  • The willingness to engage with reflective exercises on each chapter
  • Contribution of your personal perspective and experiences in online discussions with other participants
  • An open mind and heart to hear from those who see things differently than you
  • $100 + HST due after January 25th introductory session to cover all 12 subsequent session

Please note that we’ll be using “The Courage to Lead” book (2012 publication – 2nd edition) for the study which can be purchased separately on  iUniverse, Indigo and Amazon. 

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